Intel Labs Create Routers Using Clustered Servers

Intel Labs has said they have found a new way to reuse servers, and cluster them in such a way as to turn them into data center routers. As
reported in this eWeek story, key to the redeployment of unused, commodity-type servers is an open source software package called Click Router. Intel researchers, led by Gianluca Iannaccone and Sylvia Ratnasamy, have coined the phrase “router bricks” for the reused servers, which are designed to put servers that may be out of commission — or new units not being used right away — to work in new capacities.

“Router bricks are a high-speed router using off-the-shelf IA [Intel architecture] servers. They are fully programmable [control and data plane], extensible in that they evolve networks via software upgrade, and incrementally scalable at flat cost per bit, Iannaccone told eWEEK.

“‘These are a first step toward flexible network infrastructure,’ Iannaccone said. ‘We are currently pursuing the application of RB to data centers, where they will help in content delivery, network power management and next-gen Internet routing.'”

Read the Full Story at eWeek

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