InterOp Trends: Converged Networks

InterOp had the usual emphasis on network traffic, WAN acceleration, and security, but according to this PC Mag Blog, there was a new trend towards converged infrastructures and how to handle your growing network.

“Taking this to the high end, one of the most impressive products at the show was Arista’s 7500 series data switch, which offers 384 10Gb Ethernet ports and a total fabric capacity of 10 terabits per second. This is a very high-end product, of course, and company chairman Andy Bechtolsheim told me it is targeted at financial services firms, Web and cloud service providers, and high-performance computing.

“The product just announced last week, joins the company’s smaller high-performance 1U units. The company claims 5 times the performance, 1/10 the power draw, and half the footprint of competing technologies. It’s clearly not aimed at mainstream companies now, but it points the direction that networking is going.”

Read the Full Story at PC Mag Blog

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