IP VPN Providers Limited in Latin America, Asia and Africa

As reported on Telegeography, there is a more limited range of IP VPN providers and dramatically fewer Ethernet-based options in Africa, Asia and Latin America according to TeleGeography’s Global Enterprise Networks research. IP VPN and Ethernet services are the most widely used technologies for newer-generation corporate wide area networks (WANs) and European and North American companies will find plenty of providers of both over MPLS service, and a broad range of configuration options. It is suggested that companies seeking IP VPN services in emerging markets need to evaluate the more limited number of service providers that can meet their network needs and adjust their expectations with respect to price .

“TeleGeography’s Global Enterprise Networks profiles the international enterprise network services offered by 60 service providers in more than 90 countries, and analyses trends in enterprise service availability and pricing. Service offerings covered include MPLS IP VPN, Ethernet, dedicated internet access and private line services.”

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