iPad Security is an Enterprise-size Headache

The general consensus is that we’ll be seeing the iPad in the enterprise as part of the emerging mobile office.
According to Enterprise Mobile Today, the lack of security and management features could cause headaches for mobile managers and IT
as it offers no VPN or or Microsoft Exchange support .

“‘Just when the iPhone finally became more palatable for IT,’ he said, ‘now they have another Apple device to worry about.’

“For instance, there’s no support for setting up a VPN, it’s not compatible with ActiveSync or Microsoft Exchange, it doesn’t allow for complex password protection and the iPad cannot be remotely wiped or locked if it’s lost, Hazelton told EnterpriseMobileToday.com.

“Hazelton, however, thinks third-party vendors, and Apple itself, are likely to address the security and management issues in the future, just as they have with the iPhone.”

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