IPv6 Forum Announces IPv6 SIP Ready Program

The IPv6 Forum Ready Logo Program Committee has announced the release of the
test suite of the SIP protocol for validation and issuance of the SIPv6 Logo to
the SIP Community. According to this news release on Market Watch, IPv6 and SIP are complementing key technologies, which provide highly interoperable network services.

“‘SIP and IPv6 are two good plumbing roommates. The IPv6 SIP Logo program marries them, preparing for fertile grounds. It’s high time to move to end-2-end. IPv6 and SIP are natively designed for it. The best way around something is to go through it,’ said Latif Ladid, President of the IPv6 Forum & Emeritus Trustee Internet Society.

“‘SIP is widely used by various types of applications, including VoIP service or unified message service. And, it is recognized that the application area of SIP will extend to Smart Objects. The establishment of interoperability among various equipments or objects is critical for our future infrastructure. Since we share the importance of IPv6 and SIP, we are pleased to initiate a strategic co-operation between SIP Forum and IPv6 Forum, regarding the SIPv6 Logo Program,’ states Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Esaki, Executive Director of Japan IPv6 Council, Chair of IPv6 Ready Logo program, Emeritus Trustee, ISOC.”

Read the Full Story at Market Watch

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