IPv6 Migration Supported by Juniper

In a report on PR USA Net, Juniper Networks (JNPR) announced its support for Dual Stack Lite (DS-Lite), a unique and promising approach to IPv6 migration. This key technology allows service providers to handle IPv4 address exhaustion by supporting the deployment of IPv6, and at the same time keeping only one layer of NAT for their subscribers. Juniper has long supported IPv6 forwarding in silicon and has been recognized as a global leader in high-performance, next-generation IPv6 networks since 2001.

“‘DS-Lite allows incremental build outs where IPv6 needs to be deployed only in the access networks,’ said Robert Krohn, vice president and general manager, Router Services, Juniper Networks. ‘The beauty of DS-Lite is that it couples the deployment of IPv6 with a way to share IPv4 addresses, encouraging the industry to move toward IPv6. This technology is a classic example of Juniper’s continued leadership in delivering CGNAT solutions.'”

Read the Full Story at PR USA Net

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