IPv6 Readiness Verification

June 8 will be a landmark day for IPv6 Internet connectivity and IPv6-capable content providers, as we embark on World IPv6 Day. This is the day when companies like Cisco will make their primary web site function for both IPv4 and IPv6. This article on Network World offers methods of verifying if you are ready for IPv6 day.

“Whatever you do, you should not disable IPv6. I actually cringe every time I hear some say ‘if you are having problems … just disable IPv6’. In most of the modern operating systems, IPv6 is enabled and pre-configured as the preferred protocol. IPv6 cannot really be completely disabled in the operating system anyway. Disabling IPv6 on interfaces will have other undesirable consequences. Operationally it would be too difficult to disable IPv6 across an entire organization and in the near future you will absolutely want it turned on for all your end-users. Disabling IPv6 will just cause you more hassles in the not-so-distant future.”

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