IPv6 Support Across Procera PRE Line

With available IPv4 address space quickly disappearing, Procera Networks Inc. has announced support for IPv6 across the entire PacketLogic Real-Time Enforcement (PRE) product line. IPv6 is central to many of the next generation network standards (3GPP, DOCSIS 3.0, TISPAN), and network operators are increasingly moving to fully support IPv6 in their network deployments. PR USA reports that IPv6 is supported for all of Procera’s deployed units, and does not require a hardware upgrade for existing units.

“‘Carriers are requiring support for IPv6 in RFPs today, as they secure their entire networks to be IPv6 compliant in 2011,’ said Cam Cullen, Vice President of Product Management at Procera. ‘IPv6 is on the top-10 list of key projects for all major operators this year. As the technology leader in our product segment, Procera is once again leading innovation by introducing IPv6 to Intelligent Policy Enforcement.'”

Read the Full Story at PR USA

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