IPv6: The Fine Art of Troubleshooting

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article, author Scott Hogg offers an in depth guide to troubleshooting IPv6 networks and systems. He explains that living in a dual-protocol world won’t be easy, but network managers refining troubleshooting skills will be adept at compensating in an IPv6 world. Network managers will need to speak both the IPv4 and IPv6 language to become bilingual and become fluent in troubleshooting either protocol while systems need to speak to each other.

“As Pv6 begins to be added to environments the techniques we have been using for decades to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks will need to adapt. When we add IPv6 to the network we will need to learn how to troubleshoot IPv6 connectivity issues. When we look back to the early IPv4 networks we used different troubleshooting techniques than we use today. Now IPv4 networks have had decades to mature and we seldom “blame the network” as much as we did in the 1990s. Now that IPv6 deployments are newer it is conceivable that we will again be hearing that ‘it’s the network’s fault’.”

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