Is Cisco Network Security Flawed?

Nearly two years after a patch was issued, many companies using Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) network equipment are still vulnerable to a single security vulnerability flaw. This announcement was made after an analysis of network scans by Dimension Data for its 2011 Network Barometer Report. 73 percent of the assessments on Cisco-dominated global companies had at least one known device security vulnerability and Cisco PSIRT (Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team) 109444, was found on 66 percent of the networks looked at, accounting for much of the security exposure.

“’To a hacker, a security vulnerability is equivalent to leaving one’s front door unlocked,’ said Neil Campbell, Dimension Data’s global security manager. ‘And attempting to exploit vulnerabilities is usually the first port of call when initiating an attack. That’s because it may provide the hacker with full access to the device, which he could use as a launch pad to initiate further attacks internally.’”

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