Is Semantic Web the Ultimate Answer?

In an article on the company’s website, Automated Buildings (AB) examines the idea of everything connected to everything. With technology today, many machines have interactions dominantly contained in certain process domains, however boundaries are opening between technologies. In order to achieve a time where everything will talk to everything, technology evangelists are pointing towards Semantic Web as an ultimate answer, but AB argues we do not need that to connect our IR device with the device on the
Wi-Fi network, and we do not need the ability to share states and resources from our devices with others.

“One of the key features of today is networking. Most of the things we are buying today have a network connectivity socket, the old RJ45 or some kind of wireless interface. However, interaction between things is another story. Sometimes it is possible, but often is not. In an ideal world, we will be able to be vendor and protocol independent. Everything will talk to everything. It is possible if we narrow protocol space and respond only to a few protocols. Creating data flow between devices is really easily achievable, but the real issue is behavioral semantics; in other words, meaningful interaction between things. We need to be able to translate actions and behavior from one protocol to another seamlessly.”

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