Juniper Beefs Up Network Security

As reported on The Register, Juniper Networks has acquired partner Altor Networks for $95m in an effort to strengthen virtual cloud firewalls. The firewall and intrusion protection system combination that was designed from the ground up by Altor is to be used in virtualized networks linking virtualized servers to each other. Juniper says it also acquired the company for its monitoring and compliance tools wrapped around the firewall.

“Juniper has not yet said how it will make use of the Virtual Firewall that it gets from the Altor acquisition, but it would be interesting to see the company deploy the software inside switches (where appropriate) as well as within the server infrastructure. Juniper already sells appliances for intrusion detection and prevention as well as integrated security gateways, SSL virtual private networking appliances, and access control gateways.”

Read the Full Story at The Register

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