Juniper Comments on Cisco Speed Claims

As networking giants Cisco and Juniper battle over router speeds, a bit of a cat fight seems to have been started. According to this interesting InformationWeek blog, when Cisco recently announced its high-speed router, Juniper Networks accused Cisco’s of ‘funny math’ in its speed claims.

“It’s off of the Webcast during which Cisco introduced the CRS-3, positioning it as the driver that’s taking the Internet to the next level, because of its ability to handle 322 terabits/sec of traffic. (With that kind of capacity, you’re talking video support, and cloud-hosted gaming, not Wikipedia views.)
During the Webcast, Cisco chairman John Chambers continually emphasized this ‘changing the nature of the Internet’ meme. His money quote was: ‘Video is the killer app.’

“On the other side of the coin, you have folks who point out that all this chatter about video, and the market positioning about ‘we are the Internet,’ is great, but basically this is just a faster router, on the normal engineering continuum you get as you take product lines forward.

“That, I think, is basically where Juniper is coming from in the e-mail they sent out to reporters Wednesday. Not that Cisco owes anyone any apologies for getting the maximum press mileage out of its announcement. That’s what companies do.”

Read the Full Story at InformationWeek Blog

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