Juniper Networks Plans to Stimulate Innovation

In an effort to to stimulate innovation and growth through internal and third-party application development on its Junos operating system, Juniper has created a strategy to recruit external software writers to three Junos development platforms. As reported on ARN, Juniper’s aggressive campaign includes promises of mutual financial gain and other enticements as they attempt to emulate a model that’s been successful for Microsoft and other tech companies.

“‘What we aspire to do is create a software ecosystem that would be the equivalent of what Microsoft was in the computer world,’ said Juniper Founder and CTO Pradeep Sindhu, in an exclusive interview with Network World.
‘Harnessing the power of third parties is very important,’ said Juniper CEO and former Microsoft executive Kevin Johnson. ‘We haven’t seen it happen in networking – yet.’
Johnson highlighted the ecosystem models of Microsoft – which has 640,000 software development partners – and the Apple iPhone, with 250,000 applications, as successful software development initiatives. The Juniper strategy was initiated by Johnson upon his arrival from Microsoft in 2008. Until then, Juniper emphasized its expertise in silicon and operating system software.”

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