Lanamark Releases Asset Discovery Tool for Enterprise Projects

Lanamark Inc. will be showing the new Suite Express Edition asset discovery tool during the Citrix Synergy 2010 conference next week. In the company’s news release, it claims the new edition enables enterprises and solution providers to gather IT asset inventory from up to 50,000 systems, search physical and virtual machines, and generate management reports across desktops and servers. Also noted in the news release is that Lanamark Suite Express Edition is free and can be used by enterprises for internal projects and can also be used and distributed to customers by solution providers.

“Lanamark Suite Express Edition is available free of charge to enterprises and solutions providers. It enables discovery of Windows, Linux, NetWare and UNIX workloads across desktops and servers. Users can also collect inventory information from virtual machines and virtual machine hosts running Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX. Once IT assets are discovered, Lanamark Suite Express Edition offers free-form search across physical and virtual infrastructure as well as business-centric IT infrastructure reporting online.

“‘Redapt Systems is actively using Lanamark Suite to deliver virtual desktop and data center capacity planning services,’ said David Cantu, Vice President at Redapt Systems, a leading IT management solution provider in the United States. ‘The Express Edition enables us to establish project plans, scope and timelines through comprehensive discovery of users, workloads, physical machines and virtual infrastructure in each customer’s IT environment. After project completion, customers can continue using Lanamark Suite Express Edition at no additional cost.'”

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