Lancom Expected to Provide Full HSPA+ Coverage

The next generation of mobile telecommunications will have data rates of up to 100-Mbps downstream and 50-Mbps upstream. According to an article on Wireless Developer Network,
Lancom will expand its product range to enable customers to completely network their sites over cellular networks. Professional business applications based on cellular networks, including VPN
and Voice-over-IP are fully supported by HSPA+ (3.5G) and LTE (4G). This new broadband technology is of particular interest to companies in regions that lack DSL coverage and internationally
operative companies looking for a uniform basis to implement site connectivity over VPN.

“A high-performance VPN router based on HSPA+, the latest evolution of UMTS/3G, will be available as early as January 2011. Offering up to 21 Mbps downstream and 5.76 Mbps upstream,
the LANCOM 1780W-3G provides several times more bandwidth than that so far available from cellular networks and many times faster than DSL. Mobile network operators are expected to
provide full HSPA+ coverage in the near future.
‘We are the first vendor to address business customers with such a wide range of professional HSPA+ and LTE devices. These products present our customers with tremendous opportunities,’
says Christian Schallenberg, Executive Vice President Product Marketing, LANCOM. ‘This is a seamless tie-in with our successful 1751 and 3850 series of UMTS routers, products which are
enjoying worldwide success backing up thousands of business-critical DSL connections.'”

Read the Full Story at Wireless Developer Network

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