Lancope Network Performance Solution Addresses Application Delivery

Lancope, Inc. announced that in overcoming next-generation Application Delivery 2.0 challenges, Global 2,000 corporations will be
aided by the company's StealthWatch platform. As reported on, StealthWatch, a platform for flow-based network performance and security monitoring, will help enterprises as they face new challenges due to the emergence of a sophisticated mobile workforce, growth in cybercrime, virtualization and cloud computing.

“‘Application delivery and visibility has become increasingly critical for managing enterprise networks. A growing mobile workforce, coupled with the explosion of new applications and increased use of virtual networks has created a greater risk of application and network performance disruptions. Exposure to threats from malware, data loss and other security breaches further acerbates these interruptions,’ said Mike Potts, president and CEO, Lancope. ‘Business objectives require the assurance of continuous, prompt delivery of mission-critical applications across the enterprise. Our award-winning StealthWatch solution provides, end-to-end, borderless visibility for network performance and security monitoring through a single platform, offering Global 2,000 corporations the only real choice today.'”

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