Layering Infiniband on Ethernet for RoCE

The Infiniband Trade Association has said that chip and card vendors could announce 10Gbps RoCE products before the end of April. The specification, called RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) provides the capability for layering Infiniband’s low latency features on top of Ethernet. According to this EE Times story, The RoCE products could offer lower latency, price and power consumption that competing cards and chips based on advanced versions of Ethernet.

“The lower latencies can deliver up to ten-fold performance boost in Oracle databases
optimized for Infiniband. The low latencies are required for data-intensive applications such as simulations running in a computer cluster.

“Other apps, such as the batch rendering of a large animated movie, can be handled using systems with the higher latency figures. Ethernet vendors who may adopt software versions of RoCE include Broadcom, Emulex, Intel and QLogic.

“The software compatibility is due in part to the broad use of so-called Open Fabrics middleware, open source code that supports RoCE in its version 1.2.1. HP is taking an agnostic stance on the variety of merged Ethernet, Infiniband and Fibre Chanel network technologies emerging, supporting whatever flavors users request.”

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