Layton’s AuditWizard Network Inventory Software for a Buck

Layton Technology has lowed the price of it’s AuditWizard network inventory software to $1, saying that times are hard for many companies. In the company’s news release, published on Ajax World, the special price is available when the user also takes out an annual support license.

“‘AuditWizard is a very successful product for us,’ explains Donihi. ‘And now that we’ve improved it even more with Layton’s AuditWizard Version 8 we’re excited to show people what it can do. By offering a license for one dollar, we’ll be giving companies the opportunity to use a solution that may be superior to what they’re currently using, and without having to spend the normal fortune on this kind of technology.’

“Moreover, Layton Technology is promising even further cost savings by offering support at, what they believe, is far less than competing products. This makes for excellent value and reduces the total cost of ownership. It’s a way for an organization to save significant money in the long term, in addition to being able to get underway with AuditWizard v8 at Layton’s unprecedented price.”

Read the Full Story at Ajax World

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