Lockheed and Northrop to Build Shipboard Network for Navy

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center awarded development contracts for an affordable shipboard network technology infrastructure to excel in 21st century warfare. As reported on Next Gov, the Navy currently deploys shipboard applications with their own dedicated computers, requiring excessive and redundant hardware to be installed within the limited confines of a ship.

“The statement of work section of the CANES contract calls for developing a common computing environment to host multiple applications. Such a network eventually could save the service billions of dollars by eliminating multiple computer systems and connecting networks, Skoch said.

“During a press briefing in January, Lockheed officials said CANES will eliminate redundant shipboard servers and networks and provide a common system that handles voice, video and data on one network.

“CANES is the shipboard portion of the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise program, a new network that will replace the Navy Marine Corps Intranet. Roughead told Congress last week that he expects the onshore network to be in operation in 2012.”

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