Make SNMP an Essential Monitoring Tool

SNMP is old (1988), it has undergone three major revisions, and has also been the subject of various hack attempts. Still, as
noted in this Tech Republic report, this is no reason to give up on SNMP, a typically underutilized tool.

“Cloud access, enabled by, say, a fiber connection into a building, represents a single point of failure for entire classes of computing resources rather than just WAN access. Conclusion: Risk management must be part of network planning.

“In a recent post, I offered the view that for large networks, SNMP is an essential monitoring resource. For smaller networks, SNMP is a typically underutilized tool. In considering the reasons for this, it’s tempting to assume lackluster product usability and expanding network complexity as likely culprits. These are surely factors, but perhaps even more relevant are lingering doubts caused by SNMP flaws reported around 2002 and before.”

Read the Full Story at Tech Republic

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