Making Enterprise Firewalls Smarter

An article on InfoTech argues that legacy firewalls are no longer sufficient to manage the security threats to enterprises. To address this issue, Palo Alto Networks has created a next generation firewall that can help companies reduce operational costs and cut capital expenditures. Using the single device, enterprises can scan content to identify and block threats, stop data leakage, and correctly identify applications.

“Traditionally, firewalls have been designed to be cornerstone of network security. But, in reality legacy firewalls are no longer an effective security solution to manage the risks and rewards of today’s Internet applications in the enterprise. In reality, with increasing number of applications, the threats riding on the back of these applications have also mushroomed. Industry’s response has been to sell more stuff, such as intrusion prevention, URL filtering device, proxy and more. As a result, network firewall is getting more and more complicated while doing less and less, according to Chris King, director of product marketing at Palo Alto Networks.”

Read the Full Article at InfoTech

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