Maximum Profitability in a Managed Network

Francesco Pumelli, Product Manager for Mobile Business Intelligence solutions at CommProve, will be the lead speaker on a live webinar entitled Mobile End to End: Maximise the Business Performance of your Network. As announced on the company’s website, Mobile Europe is holding this webinar that explores how operators can introduce new network monitoring approaches to optimize their networks in the most profitable manner. Host Keith Dyer, Editor of Mobile Europe includes a short interview with Pumelli in this article.

“Today, operators have tools which are capable of monitoring a wide set of interfaces in real-time — but only at certain points of the network and not correlated end to end. They also have powerful protocol analysis tools for trouble-shooting their networks — but not on a real time, network wide basis. What they need is a 24×7 tool that helps them make the right decisions on where to invest in the network to obtain maximum profit on performance and capacity to hit the sweet spot.”

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