Maxing MPLS Network Performance

Getting maximum performance from an MPLS network that is managed by the carrier and delivered via an Ethernet hand-off can be a challenge for your network. This Network Computing article takes an in-depth look at MPLS network performance and offers tips and advice you can use to improve performance before traffic leaves your network.

“The top performance problems, aside from carrier issues, are loss and delay across the MPLS backbone. We find that these are caused most often by a mismatch in speeds between the Ethernet hand-off (100 Mbps) and the actual purchased bandwidth or committed rate from the carrier. This mismatch means that you are sending traffic to the carrier cloud at a much faster rate than it is provisioned to transmit that data. You might be thinking that the carrier is going to handle this mismatch for you, but from our analytics and experience, that’s a mistake. The result is dropped packets or severely delayed packets sitting in carrier buffers.”

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