McAfee Enhances Visibility Across Network

In a press release by the company, and presented on Market Watch, McAfee Inc.(MFE) announced that the McAfee Network Access Control solution is now shipping with unique integrations to the McAfee Network Security Platform. The integration of NAC, Network IPS and behavioral analysis tools provides enhanced visibility across the network, and access control managed from one console. Recently the company received industry accolades that validate it’s unique approach to solving challenges in network security.

“‘Customers have come to rely on McAfee for the best network protection available, and our commitment to them is to continue to innovate and break the molds of traditional network access control capabilities,’ said Rees Johnson, senior vice president and general manager for Network Security of McAfee. ‘We believe the accolades we’ve received over the past year validate our product strategy and traction in the market. We will continue to deliver on customer demand by providing powerful new tools that extend visibility into the vast unprotected areas of the network.'”

Read the Full Release at Market Watch

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