Meru Wi-Fi Management Offers Diagnostic, Security Features

Meru Networks has given its enterprise Wi-Fi diagnostics, monitoring and security software a boost with new features, and also announced a wireless intrusion prevention system (IPS).
According to this IT World report, the wireless vendor's goal is to improve wireless reliability to the point where it can work as a network service, analogous to wired Ethernet.

“The new scanner is the Proactive Spectrum Manager (PSM) 3X, a receive-only, dual-band radio scanner, with a companion analysis application, E(z)RF Spectrum Manager. The radio picks up wireless signals from a wide range of devices, including cordless phones and Bluetooth devices. The software analyzes the signal to identify and, with other Meru software, locate the source of interfering or unauthorized radios.
P>”The reliance on a hardware scanner goes against the grain of other Wi-Fi network vendors, which typically rely on software-based analyzers that glean signal information by taking over an access point radio and switching it to scan mode. Meru executives say their hardware-based solution doesn’t shut down the Wi-Fi data operations for users, or cause interference when one of the two radios in an access point is scanning. And PSM creates much more detailed data about the RF environment.”

Read the Full Story at IT World

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