MetaFlows Network Security Offers Botnet Detection Tool

Network security monitoring solutions provider, MetaFlows, Inc., has announced a parallel processing implementation of BotHunter that runs on off-the-shelf hardware. As noted in this news release, network security executives and managed security solutions providers can scale the benefits of BotHunter monitor to any size network.

“BotHunter, which uses SRI’s revolutionary dialog correlation technology to detect botnets on a network, is one of the most advanced botnet detection tools in the industry, but larger organizations have been hoping for performance (speed) and usability improvements since its inception. Integrated into MetaFlows’ innovative NSM product, BotHunter can now scale to enterprise-level performance by load balancing flow analysis across multiple cores. Better still, through an easy-to-use forensic interface, MetaFlows NSM embeds BotHunter’s analysis within a rich set of contextual information, which includes flow analysis, IP/signature reputation, OS/service fingerprinting and log management. What’s more, thanks to MetaFlows inventive use of an award-winning predictive algorithm, MetaFlows NSM’s security console ranks security events for significantly truer positives and less false positive clutter, letting analysts get straight to the events that matter most and helping to steer them clear of wasting time/effort.”

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