Microsoft Disputes IPv6 Tunneling Security Risk Claims

New Zealand IPv6 specialist Dean Pemberton warns that a transitional protocol to IPv6 may have underlying security risks.
According to this Computer World story, Teredo is one of several tunneling protocols that carry IPv6 traffic encapsulated in IPv4 packets to ensure transmission over an IPv4 network. Microsoft national technology officer Mark Rees dismisses the suggestion that Teredo poses a substantial risk.

“Recent Microsoft operating systems Vista and Windows 7 ‘turn on Teredo tunnelling almost by default’, Pemberton told a meeting of a special interest group in Wellington earlier this month. ‘If not by default, then very quickly it gets turned on by you installing something innocuous.’

“‘Your Windows box gets an IPv6 address and will start a dynamic tunnel out to somewhere on the internet – through your [network] firewall. Suddenly all the Windows boxes deployed in your organisation have what is essentially a big backdoor.'”

Read the Full Story at Computer World

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