Mobile Devices in the Workplace

In a Processor editorial, author Bridget Mintz Testa discusses the implementation of mobile device strategies in the workplace. An increasing number of employees using mobile devices can put the company at risk of losing data if the devices are lost or stolen, but usage also is beneficial if it helps increase productivity and better customer service. Testa suggests listening to employees but asserting firm control when establishing mobile device strategies. Evaluating the business reasons for mobile connectivity. and looking at issues such as regulation, user requirements, and resources for support will help in creating a sensible policy. In order to have employees agree to policies will require an
explanation of the reasons for it and presenting it in a positive light.

“Whether informally or formally, converged devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and other wireless devices are still going strong. That’s because the capabilities provided by convergence–the combination of multiple technologies, including applications, data, telecommunications, and video, all in one small, lightweight package–benefit enterprises in many ways.
Enterprises must take control of mobile device use. They must evaluate their strategic and tactical reasons for using these devices, weigh the benefits and risks, and then establish a policy for using such devices. To get employee buy-in, enterprise reps need to explain the reasons for the policy and show how it can help employees do their jobs.”

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