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In this article on Enterprise Mobile Today, Ben Khoushy, vice president of endpoint solutions at Check Point Software Technologies, and Willie Jow, vice president for business operations and mobility product marketing, Sybase, offer five tips for sharing corporate data and applications with remote office workers. With an increasingly growing number of remote employees, and employees and contractors who switch from one PC to another, firms have been forced to review their business continuity plans to ensure they will accommodate a wider range of worse-case scenarios.

“It’s not easy. There are a growing number of mobile devices and platforms used by employees and contractors who roam from one PC to another — some using managed PCs in the office and others using smartphones or wireless hotspots in coffee shops and airports.
Indeed, extending remote access across a wide range of endpoints can be a headache for mobile IT. Passwords, log in credentials, and sensitive files can be left behind on untrusted devices at the end of a remote access session, making these solutions insecure and difficult to manage.
In addition, the world has seen several recent cases where organizations have been challenged with safeguarding critical data and maintaining the flow of business in the wake of natural disaster and crisis, including the outbreak of H1N1 and the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

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