NetApp to Support Intel 10GbE Server Adapters

NetApp says it will support Intel Ethernet SFP+10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) server adapters. According to this report on PR Wire, the Intel Ethernet X520 family of 10GbE server adapters makes it easier for customers to move to a single platform, reduce the cost of building out, and maintain their storage network.

“10GbE unified networking provides a simple, flexible, and well-understood fabric for today’s dynamic data centres and lays the groundwork for new computing models, including cloud computing. With long histories of leadership in Ethernet storage and networking, NetApp and Intel are working together to help lead the transition to a unified data centre on 10GbE. Both companies are early supporters of FCoE. NetApp is the first storage vendor to support native FCoE storage, and Intel is the first Ethernet adapter vendor to support Open FCoE (, which enables FCoE in standard 10GbE adapters.”

Read the Full Story at PR Wire

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