NetCracker to Expand Offerings to Non-Telecom Providers

NetCracker has announced the ramping of its expanded offerings to non-telecom entities that are facing increasing demands for more automated and operationally efficient networks. According to this news release on the NetCracker website, these offerings include utilities that are planning and deploying smart grid programs, high speed connectivity providers, storage and data center providers, and government organizations.

“NetCracker has specifically addressed the needs of these entities because they have distinct requirements and do not fall into the traditional definition of communications service providers. These new providers are facing the need to:

“Improve the integration and management of Network, IT, and Applications

” Provide high speed connectivity

“Provide increased amounts of storage as well as the ability to secure data remotely

” Increase the flexibility of smart networks and develop the ability to work in and manage mixed wireless and wireline environments.”

Read the Full News Release at

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