Netgear Announces Business Network Management Platform

In a news release on PR Newswire, NETGEAR Inc. (NTGR) announced its first centralized network management console for its business products, and a powerful 10 Gbps managed switch. Netgear furthers its commitment to business class networking products that deliver high performance with less complexity with the new NETGEAR ProSafe Network Management System (NMS200). This product enables customers to discover, configure, monitor and manage all NETGEAR Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches on their network from a simple, single interface, and the 24-port 10 GE Managed L2+ Switch (XSM7224S) provides 10 Gbps server performance and scalability across the network.

“Over 18 million businesses worldwide have broken free of the limitations of traditional enterprise vendors and deployed NETGEAR networking, storage and security solutions. To date, NETGEAR has delivered more than 700 petabytes of storage, 120 million Ethernet ports and two million firewalls to businesses and its 36,000 partners worldwide.
‘NETGEAR’s business customers and partners have been asking us for a complete solution for their infrastructure needs, and today we’re delivering more,’ said Shane Buckley, SVP and GM of NETGEAR’s SMB Products Business Unit. ‘These products give IT managers the power to control their network and get the speed and reliability that, before now, only the big enterprises could afford – the NETGEAR networking products are simply smarter solutions for business IT.'”

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News Release at PR Newswire

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