Network Critical Joins TM Forum

The TM Forum consisting of a group of over 700 customers in 185 countries that work together to craft solutions for the communications, media, and defense and cloud service markets, have welcomed Network Critical to the group. As a creator of modular access technology solutions, Network Critical can provide the communications, media, defense and cloud service markets with better service by aligning with best practices and standards within the industry. As reported on PR Web, the TM Forum brings together the world’s largest communications, technology and media companies.

“Network Critical’s network TAP solutions provide an essential tool for the members of the TM Forum. ‘Our access solutions provide the members of the TM Forum a completely reliable way to access their network traffic while guaranteeing they can provide the best service to their customers,’ said Carrie Manion, VP of Sales and Marketing at Network Critical. ‘The TM Forum provides a place where we can interact with other manufactures who are working within the industry so we can work together to provide the best solutions for our customers.’
‘The TM Forum is very pleased to welcome Network Critical as a member,’ said Apostolos Kallis, Senior VP, Sales & Account Management at the TM Forum. ‘With their expertise in network access technology, we feel they will make a positive contribution to the work of the TM Forum and our industry.'”

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