Network Design Templates For Layer-0 Design

If you work on a network engineering and architecture team, Network Design Templates should be seen as your product line.
According to this Network World report, Network Design Templates take raw materials, such as routers, switches, cables, and protocols, and describe how to put them together into a synergistic product that adds value. This reference
article looks at creating a separate “Layer-0” page for design.

“There is a bunch of good information to include in the Layer-0 diagram; enough information that it can complicate the actual ‘Physical Design’ page of the template which focuses on network physical information (Layer-1). Thus, there is a need for a separate Layer-0 page in the template.

“For example, proper PDU connectivity for each device can make a difference when dealing with different power phases. Using the wrong port on a managed-UPS could be disastrous in the future (I would hate to SSH into a managed PDU and power-cycle the wrong power port). This is all key information that adds to initial setup and the resiliency of the design while in operations.”

Read the Full Report at Network World

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