Network Equipment Providers Deliver Through Real-Time Intelligence

As reported on Business World, Continuous Computing has announced the general availability of the Trillium Monitoring Software product line. Derived from software based on the company’s widely deployed and industry-proven Trillium telecom protocol software, this new product allows network equipment providers to enable operator customers to derive critical information about network utilization and signaling, and real-time user location. These are critical aspects of optimization, fraud assurance and network monitoring applications.

“‘Modern telecom traffic management requires an entirely new level of
organizational thinking and product capabilities, if operators are to keep up with rapid shifts in terms of end-user devices, applications, usage patterns and subscriber expectations,’ commented Dean Bubley, founder and principal of research firm Disruptive Analysis. ‘Continuous Computing understands the complexities around policy and control of mobile data, and is helping network equipment providers incorporate real-time intelligence capabilities, needed for a more holistic second-generation of traffic management.’”

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