Network Intrusion Prevention System Supports IPv6

Entersys announced its intrusion prevention system (IPS) now supports IPv6. Although the federal government madated the shift from IPv4 but are not yet using it, Enterasys Networks is positioning itself for future business especially with the defence department. As reported on Network Computing, everything purchased by the government must be IPv6 compatible and Entersys is ready to meet the demand. In addition to network-based IDS/IPS, Enterasys offers host-based intrusion detection and prevention for critical servers and all the products can be managed through a common security console.

“‘We use IDS as the eyes for the IPS on the network,’ says Dennis Boas, security solutions manager. ‘You still get a level of protection and get the cost benefits of being able to cover large portions of the network without having to deploy in-line IPS at every uplink.’ The approach is analogous to Sourcefire’s IPS, which leverages distributed sensors around the network.”

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