Network Management in the IT-as-a-Service Model

Traditional service providers can usually deliver key networking applications at lower costs, but as time goes on, it seems that the real goal is to forge a simpler and more direct way of managing and monitoring enterprise networks. In an article on IT Business Edge,
it is suggested that the IT-as-a-Service model will drive traditional
network-management systems into obsolescence. Virtual or cloud-based
applications can be delivered across multiple topologies using a fraction of the
resources currently in use, which puts pressure onto service providers to match
the performance enterprises have come to expect from their in-house systems.

“It’s no surprise, then, that more and more service providers are starting to add network management to their portfolios, particularly in developing countries where in-house management systems are not as well entrenched. Visual Network Systems recently teamed up with Malaysia’s VADS Gerhard to deliver VNS’ Visual Performance Management as part of a growing roster of enterprise intelligence services. The combo delivers tools like application classification, real-time network monitoring, automated threshold and alert and capacity planning.
As virtualization and cloud computing place greater emphasis on network infrastructure to deliver not just data, but applications and operating environments as well, effective network monitoring will be a crucial component of enterprise operations budgets going forward.”

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