Network Management Suite Released by Edge-Core

The release of the ECView Pro network management suite was announced by Edge-Core Networks Corporation in a press release presented on India PR Wire. The professional networking solution provider claims this NMS provides a sophisticated plug-in architecture that ensures the transparent integration of all components and products, thus allowing network administrators to optimize the business and operational benefits of an enterprise network.

“Mr. Edward Ting, Edge-Core Networks’ CEO, commented: ‘In an age where IT plays an increasingly critical role in business success, enterprise owners must carefully manage investments in network infrastructure to ensure maximum return on investment and total cost of ownership. ECView Pro has been created with this in mind. It provides a single point to manage your entire enterprise network, together with unlimited and customizable reporting capability. Positioned for future growth, ECView Pro NMS is extendable to allow management of other enterprise functions such as traffic analysis, wireless provisioning, and security.’”

Read the Full Story at India PR Wire

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