Network Management Tool Helps Control Virtual Machine Sprawl

In response to the high cost of enterprise level monitoring software, Milton Security Group LLC has announced that it is now providing a customized solution for monitoring VMware vCenter deployments. This low cost solution has many of the same features of more expensive enterprise level monitoring software and enables administrators to monitor all the resources used by individual virtual machines and the hosts they run on. Managing VMware Virtual Machines caused issues previously, but now are a thing of the past with the release of Milton Security Group’s new operations center application, VOC (Virtual Operations Center). Red Orbit reports that with VOC, a VMware Administrator can know, in real-time, the status and statistics of all their Virtual Machines in multiple vCenters in one, easy-to-use location.

“‘We set out to create a monitoring solution at a fraction of the cost and implementation times of the other solutions currently on the market, and succeeded.’ said James McMurry, CEO of Milton Security Group LLC “In addition, VOC is not limited to Virtual Machine environments, but can also be configured to display data from SNMP-enabled devices, SQL databases, IDS systems and much more.'”

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