Network Management with WhatsVirtual

Ipswitch has released the plug-in WhatsVirtual for its network management suite, WhatsUp Gold (WUG). As reported on Channel Tech Center, a wide range of of virtual server monitoring and management capabilities are added with this new plugin, allowing administrators access to the status of their virtual infrastructures using the visual maps to see the connections between the host system and its associated virtual machines, even those in suspended modes. Working with VMWare ESX and ESXi based servers, WhatsVirtual provides automatic discovery and mapping of host and guest (virtual) machine roles.

“The combo solves one of the biggest problems facing harried administrators today, the ability to ‘look inside’ a virtual machine. That problem has been caused by virtualization hosts based on bare-metal (also known as Type 1) hypervisors, such as ESX and ESXi. Type 1 hypervisors segregate virtual machines into their own partitions, thereby preventing management clients from seeing what is happening on the virtual machine. WhatsVirtual brings a great deal of functionality to WhatsUp Gold and will turn out to be a must-have tool for WUG users who are incorporating ESXi into their server environments. Of course, as part of WUG, WhatsVirtual is only applicable to shops running WUG.”

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