Network Optimization Solution Showcased at ITW

The International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2011 show in Washington DC is the venue where DiViNetworks, a developer of unique bandwidth optimization solutions for IP networks, will present its innovative Network Optimization Solution. DiViNetworks’ solutions are based on a patented technology called DiViNation. This technology, reports News Factor, enables increased bandwidth capacity by eliminating IP traffic at the bit-stream level without any negative QoE impact and with a guaranteed performance and increased ROI.

“’Companies looking for scalable solutions that will allow them to maximize the efficiency of data delivery over their networks are invited to come and visit us at ITW,’ says Dr. Yair Shapira, DiViNetworks VP Sales and Marketing. ‘By adopting our solutions, providers can achieve a dramatic reduction in operational expenses while enhancing their customer’s’ user experience.’”

Read the Full Story at News Factor

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