Network Security Breach Impacts Industry

Marcus Ranum, CSO of Tenable Network Security and well-regarded information security expert speaks out about the impact of the RSA breach in an exclusive interview with Tom Field, Editorial Director, on Bank Security Info. Although the impact to Ranum’s own company was minimal, he states that the industry impact is big.

“Yeah the industry impact is pretty big. I’m torn, and that is part of why I agreed to do this interview. On one hand, it’s a media circus, and I’m one of the clowns, but it’s always difficult to complain about a media circus when you are apart of it. So, it’s showing once again that breaches get maybe an unwarranted level of attention, but it’s also showing that this is a really effective and mature and responsible way to handle a breach. So I think that is part of why I agreed to do this interview.”

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