Network Security Leaves SMBs Feeling Vulnerable

As reported on Channel Buzz, a survey by Primus Canada shows that small business owners are feeling vulnerable when it comes to the security of their networks. Although most view digital convergence technologies (such as VoIP) as having a potential benefit on their organizations, less than a quarter of Canadian small businesses have adopted such technologies. Across the country levels of concern varied from 81 per cent admitting concern over IT and network security in Manitoba to only 17 per cent feeling anxiety about technology in Atlantic Canada.

“’Our hope is that we can now focus on educating the small business owner that, number one, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the right services and security in place,’ Lorenz said.
There are many companies out there (you know, like Primus) that offer business-grade managed security services that can be easily integrated into existing small business infrastructures, he added.
‘I believe that small businesses are a little bit apprehensive of the notion of outsourcing — that fear of unpredictable costs around IT,’ Lorenz said.”

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