Network Security Requires a Layered Approach

Network security is a growing challenge that college and university officials must deal with because every device connected to the network is a potential entry point for a security attack.
ECampus News reports that when securing computer systems, technology officials at many colleges and universities
consider the multilayered approach to keep marauders at bay.

“‘A layered approach to security is desirable, because you are protecting yourself against a failure by any layer,’ says Julian Y. Koh, manager of network transport, telecommunications, and network services for Northwestern University.
‘Let’s say someone was able to get through the protective measures at our border router; they would still be blocked at the firewall level,’ Koh explained. ‘Or, if someone bypassed our border router and tried to come in through the VPN, the security measures at the VPN would stop them.’
He added: ‘The layered approach is a way of protecting yourself against failure by any of the components in your security model.’”

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