Network Tactics to Resolve Cloud Security Issues

Stonesoft, a network security solutions provider, claims to have identified five ways that organizations can improve cloud computing security. According to the information provided in the company’s press release, IT teams can protect themselves against cloud security threats and attacks by doing things like using single sign-on capabilities, and also using technologies that are built into their network solutions, rather than purchase them as standalone products.

“Multi-layer Inspection: The rise of the cloud computing environment and increased sophistication of threats has created a need for a proper layered defense comprised of perimeter protection and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities within the network. Rather than implementing first-generation firewalls to protect the cloud at the perimeter, Stonesoft recommends the deployment of virtual next generation firewall appliances — like the StoneGate Virtual NextGen Firewall — that integrate advanced firewall and IPS capabilities for deep traffic inspection. This will allow organizations to inspect all levels of traffic, from basic Web browsing to peer-to-peer applications and encrypted Web traffic in the SSL tunnel. Additional IPS appliances should be implemented to protect networks from internal attacks that threaten access to the cloud.”

Read the Press Release at Market Watch

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