Network Tools Offered Free or Nearly Free

Computer World invited its bloggers to report on their favorite free or inexpensive network tools. The request resulted in many suggestions ranging from ways to track network device configurations to ways to keep data synced between multiple devices.

“The best free software ever! Maybe the best PC OS yet as well. It’s absolutely amazing to me that this software is free! Ubuntu can run on just about any machine you might have sitting around, so you could try it out on a spare one to keep it off your Windows machines altogether. I’ve built Ubuntu PCs out of lots of things. I had a old Bissell Carpet Machine Special lying around, and, hating to throw anything away, let alone add to a landfill, I stripped out the pump-and-filter guts and was left with a suitable plastic shell – suitable, that is, for mounting the components of a PC. It runs Ubuntu 9.04.”

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