Networks Not Architected For Post-PC Environment

Author Galen Gruman, in an article presented on Computer World, says in this era of Smart Phones, the network itself is not designed to adapt to the post-PC environment. Designed under the assumption each user works in a designated space, LANs were designed at a time when people used desktop PCs, not laptops. Even when laptops were used, they relied on simple access-point password management. With the influx of Smart Phones and other mobile devices, they can connect via wireless LANs only, as there are no Ethernet ports on these devices, and connect as essentially unknown quantities.

“Paranoid organisations have locked their PCs (desktop and laptop) with credentials and restrictive administration policies, so only the computers and applications they issued could access the wired or wireless LANs. Such people could also track where the credentials were being used, to monitor employee network behaviour, whether for security purposes or for reprovisioning of network resources on the fly (or both).”

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