New Directions in Endpoint Security

In an article on Info World, security advisor Roger Grimes tackles the subject of consumer devices in the workplace. End-users love the idea of bringing their own devices to work and companies are open to the employees doing so, but new devices with multi features are pushing the envelope. Unlike the past where employees could be subject to disciplinary action for using Apple computers in their environments, many companies allow employees to use whatever device they prefer but have changed their support policies to recommend certain devices and brands. Employees using devices not recommended need to understand it is not officially supported.

“Is your company headed in this new direction? If so, how can you ensure the proper level of security for all devices? How can you ensure that connecting computers are securely configured, running up-to-date versions of operating systems and applications, and running up-to-date versions of antimalware software? Is device and platform security still your department’s responsibility or is the new requirement one of simply protecting the core assets and networks against all untrusted assets?
Many security administrators believe in a strong endpoint defense. They are eschewing the hard outer shell and chewy inside for harder insides. How can you enforce a stronger, more secure endpoint if you don’t control it? Maybe a network access control (NAC) product is in your future.”

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