New LogMeIn Central Offers IT Automation

LogMeIn, Inc.(LOGM) announced the release of a new LogMeIn Central to help IT professionals and power users better access and the ability to manage tens, hundreds or thousands of computers across distributed work environments. The company’s web-based management console can now offer end-to-end automation for remote management and enabling the simultaneous distribution of software and files to Internet connected computers. One of the main features in the release is called One2Many, which allows users to automate administrative tasks.

“‘LogMeIn Central has long provided a simple yet robust means of managing the off network computers typical of distributed retail and franchise environments,’ said Scott Redding, Director of Technology and Development for CTI Solutions. ‘The new One2Many really takes the solution up a notch, allowing us to rapidly update dozens of devices with a push of a button. The productivity gains have been immediate and have freed up our resources to tackle other pressing jobs.'”

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